Holy Cross Everywhere? Indeed

After a long day of courses and speaking French all day, we (the active, energetic students from HC that we are) began speaking English on the tram coming back from the day at the University. Talking about this and that in our American accent remarkable by perhaps anyone on the tram, there was one (also American) woman on the tram sitting a mere one seat away who took notice.

“Are you guys international students or something?” she asks. We reply why yes indeed – we’re study abroad students. After asking from what school, things get interesting real fast:

“We go to a school called Holy Cross.”
“In Massachusetts?” she asks. *We all look at each other*
“Yeah – do you know it?”
“Yeah,” she says. “My brother and my sister went there!”

What are the chances that we meet someone in France, the same city, the same part of town, the same tram line, the same tram itself, the same time of day, all the way down to the seat, that has a remarkably close connection to Holy Cross? The chances must be ludicrously low – but I suppose that what they say is true : no matter where you go, Holy Cross is always a part of you (and apparently, no matter how far you go, it is not far enough to escape it. Even other continents). Like it or not, HC will follow you everywhere.

She took the following selfie to send to her siblings (huge flex) and I thought it best to blur her face (cause ya know, privacy or something)


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